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Content Management System? What is it and Why?

The easiest way to understand a CMS is to compare it with a standard web site design tool, like Macromedia Dreamweaver. In both cases pages can be produced on a remote computer, and submitted for publication. There are, however, four key differences:

  1. Any user with the required permission can produce web pages using SiteFlare from anywhere, using any standard browser, with no need for any specialist software - all you need is a Softflare hosting account. To edit pages you simply need an internet connection and Internet Explorer running on Windows - a combination that exists in virtually every office as well as internet café in the world!
  2. SiteFlare is easier to use than Dreamweaver and FTP, therefore little if any training is needed (all you need is this website for guidance), so many more tasks (adding News, reviewing Pages, inserting images and documents) can be allocated to completely unskilled staff. As a consequence, SiteFlare empowers more users to create and edit your content on the web.
  3. Less training and lower skills result in lower production and maintenance costs. That's probably not relevant for Personal Home Pages but very relevant if you use SiteFlare for your Small Business Website - pages are produced by typing text and uploading files into the site.s pre-produced templates.
  4. Using SiteFlare results in a more consistent corporate style. Thus, even though the number of people producing web pages for direct publication onto your webspace can be large, consistency of style and, more importantly, consistency in content structure is ensured. Your website will look and feel professional! There.s no lowering of security or quality standards. heard it said that the benefits of using a CMS are obviously more significant for large organisations, or large collaborative projects, than for small businesses or organizations, but using a website tool like SiteFlare means that you needn't spend thousands of pounds on a website until you are ready for it, or until you know that that is actually what you need - in the meantime your SiteFlare gets your goods, your services, your personal stories, whatever it may be, onto the web!

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