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How the News section works

SiteFlare allows you to add news items to your website. You can format the items just like you can with all the other pages within your website. The only difference is that the items will appear in the (normally lower) news menu, not in the navigation menu.

Tell them your latest News!News is a feature that appears in every Default template. If you are planning the kind of website that would not benefit from a "Latest News" section then you wonít be adding any news items - SiteFlare is clever enough to know this and will remove the News section altogether. If you ever add a news item it appears and when you delete it so does the News section!

News items are created and their position are set exactly the same way as your regular pages. If an older News item suddenly regains prominence all you have to do is Log in and change its potision number in the list. In seconds itís at the top again where your visitors will see it first - all from your Admin screen!

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