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Welcome to the Troubleshooting section. As already explained elsewhere, SiteFlare is an inexpensive and efficient solution to many individuals. and small businesses. Internet requirements. However, we are often asked "Can I do this?", "Can I do that?" and the answer more often than not is "No, because SiteFlare was never designed to do complex stuff like that".

However, it is satisfying being able to help where we can and that's just what this section is for. Covering subjects for slightly more advanced users who wish to extend what SiteFlare can do for them. As users share their experiences and workarounds with us we will build up a library of tricks and tips to make your SiteFlare even better - check the items in the menu at left to see if your topic has already been covered. The items in this section will be added to the User Guide with every new edition but we’ll keep them all here for you as a handy reference.

If got an issue extending your SiteFlare that we haven't covered yet, let us know!

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