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Why a Web site Builder? (Content Management System? What is it and Why?)
Your questions answered (Building a website the easy way - ask away!)
•   What is a CMS?
•   What is SiteFlare?
•   I'm not very technical.
•   Does it update in real time? (A web site that you can update in seconds...)
•   Surely this isn't a SiteFlare?
•   Do I get the Search engine?
•   What about a Guestbook?
•   I can't design Templates!
•   Surely you’ll lose business?
•   I have my own webspace.
•   Can it do E-Commerce?
•   Can I download SiteFlare?
•   What if I want to cancel? (Cancelling your SiteFlare)
•   I may want to leave you.
•   What about Accessibility?
•   Can I have Hidden Pages?
•   Disaster Recovery plans.
SiteFlare Templates
•   Lightspeed (3)
•   Your Comments template
•   Banana (4)
•   Clean and Simple (4)
•   Pop (4)
•   Modern Stripes (4)
•   Midnight (2)
•   Metallica (2)
•   SiteFlare Pro (Your own customised SiteFlare)
•   Your Newsletter template
•   Your Feedback template
•   Secure private pages
•   Your Site Map template (Automatically generated site map)
User Guide
•   Download (Download the SiteFlare User Guide)
Contact us (Contact us and build your website!)
•   Terms and Conditions
•   Be a SiteFlare Reseller!
•   Making electronic payments
How much does it cost? (The best value website builder ever!)
•   Inserting Javascript or PHP
•   Copying text from a website
•   Copying website images
•   Copying from MS Word.
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